This is about a creation of ReVoiceLoid who is made by Onaneko(deviantArt) a.k.a Yuenuki(Youtube) with her sister(deviantArt named Hazeruko) and it was made in December 2008. As ReVoiceLoid is their first Vocaloid/Utau characters, they decided to make their own Utaus like other Utauloid that has it own voicebanks. Their voicebank still in development as Wakana Ayane, one of Onaneko first ever made ReVoiceLoid's character, will be made as Utau as in defined like other Utaus is voice by some poeple in YouTube nor deviantArt.

ReVoiceLoid is their first named that have been created by Onaneko, as a sudden named for her Vocaloid/Utau. It named was created when she drawn some of her art like One Piece pose then the title is given as ReVoiceLoid, consider as they will be revoicing their own voice one day and hope it will be come true. So it was decided as their named for her Vocaloid/Utau name group.